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~ ICQ and E-mail Greetings ~
For Friends, Family
and Loved Ones

Please click on each link to view the greeting pages. Send them to all of your friends,
family and special loved ones. The instructions are on each individual page.
You can send these ICQ greetings as a card now...So Easy!

Thanks So Much!

Snow Bunnies Snow Applet

Peace, Friendship & Goodwill

I Love You

The Hug

Follow Your Heart

Best Friends

Precious Moments Angel

You've Been Mooned

Sweetest Things

A Forever Friend

Sweet Dreams

Slow Dance

A Friend Is A Treasure

Your Cross-Rainbow

I'm Really Not An Addict!
(To the Computer) *smile*

The Coffee Prayer
Or...The Joy of Coffee :-)

Quick Check
Just a Quick Check Of Email *LOL*

Footprints In The Sand

Earth Bound Angels

Happy Birthday

Catch A Smile

Big Hugs

Happier Days

Marry Me

Angel Friends

Your Love

Pooh Friends

Love To Laugh

I Could Not Ask For More
Real Player Needed

Chances Are
Real Player Needed


Kiss Mel!

Never Thought
Real Player Needed
~My very favorite song~

Real Player Needed

Love Of My Life
Real Player Needed

Forever Love
Real Player Needed

~I'll Be Adding More Very Soon~


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