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"I Love To Laugh "

Smiles, Giggles and Laughter

Hey there...

Now don't you smile...

I mean it...

Keep those lips from smiling...

Wait! I see that...

Is that a...

Yes! I think it is...

A SMILE??!!!

Oh No...that couldn't be a chuckle
I'm hearing now could it?

Now stop that!

Are you giggling too...GIGGLING??!!

I mean it...Absolutely NO laughing!

Nope..I said NO LAUGHING!

Hmmmm... I can tell that you are
trying to hold it in...

But...losing the battle...

Oh, forget it. I can see when I'm beat...

Smile..Chuckle..Giggle..Laugh..Go Ahead
See what I care!

Guess What? I DO care..and that's why I
wanted You To Smile and Giggle!!

Have A Wonderful Day....and Don't Forget

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life!!

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